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We have created apps that have been featured on the app stores and have been on the top of the sales lists. We strive to make our apps entertaining for all ages, as well as easy to use. We constantly update our apps based on user feedback.

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Phones & Tablets

Our apps are compatible with all the screens and resolutions running Android, and they support all the major versions, from Froyo to Jelly Bean. We extensively test them before publishing to ensure high quality for our end users.


The mobile apps market is an ever shifting landscape, but we make sure our apps are at the cutting edge of the industry. Our designers and developers are following the latest standards and trends, staying tuned to the rapid development of mobile technology.

User oriented

We value our customers above everything else, we listen to your suggestions and we reply in a timely manner. Your reviews mean a lot to us, it doesn't take you long to write us a line, but for us it's like kisses.

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our apps!

We are curently developing apps exclusively for Android devices, but we plan to explore other app markets, so stay tuned for updates. Our apps are available on all the major stores, either free or paid.

Small team
with big ideas!

Maria Merrett

Founder & Finances

Foreign language correspondant and entrepreneur, involved in various online startups. She loves reading good poetry and travelling. Speaks German, English and French. Has two feisty cats and a grandson.

George Man

Founder & Go-To Guy

Geek and chocolate addict. Self taught designer. Studied Economics and has a degree in management. Has been involved in mobile apps development since November, 2011.


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If you are interested to know more about us or our apps, don't hestitate to get in touch with us. We welcome business proposals as long as they are relevant.

While we do LOVE ROBOTS we would still like you to answer this.